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How to Enter the To Know Better
Multimedia Contest
View our full list of guidelines and
requirements for the contest here.

How To Enter

Step 1

Get a team
together and
select a
rad name.

Step 2

Come up
with an awesome idea to educate
your peers and

Step 3

Submit on time and read the guidelines!

What Can I Submit?

Choose one:

Sample Ideas:

  • Short PSA
  • TikTok Dance
  • A Gif

Sample Ideas:

  • T-shirt concept with
    original slogan
  • Custom art piece
  • Social media

Written Word Sample Ideas:

  • Plan an assembly
    around the topic
  • A poem
  • A song

Or come up with something new that you’re excited about producing!
Final entries must be either .mp4, .jpeg or PDF files to enter.


December 4, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers! Browse these FAQ to see if we’ve covered the info you’re searching for. If you still have questions, please ask us here or reach out to your school administrator(s).

This contest is a call for middle and high school students to make some serious change happen in their schools. At a time when the pandemic is bringing out the crazy in adults, this is a chance for teenagers to use their voice and remind us that we can do better and can bring us together rather than divide us. All in all, this contest is an effort to promote mutual respect and tolerance, while correcting the course of hateful behavior in schools, in the OC community, and beyond.
This is an amazing opportunity to make an impact in your own community! Not to mention, it looks great on college/job/internship applications.
Each team must submit an anti-hate multimedia project (one submission per team) encouraging fellow students to 1) practice acceptance and inclusivity, 2) keep social distance, and 3) wear a mask during the pandemic. Participants may choose from a variety of multi-media projects, but can only submit one file type (.mp4, .jpeg or .pdf). Fill out the entry form with all of the materials no later than the deadline: December 4, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
Winning teams will receive $5,000 each toward spreading awareness of their campaign in their schools and beyond, and the help of a professional team to bring their ideas to life. One team from each district will be selected.
Five (5) winners will be selected, one from each school district.
Recommended teams should be made up of 2 – 6 students from the same middle or high school, but this is not mandatory. Teams of students from different schools are not permitted.
We recommend working with a team of at least one other person. However, students who cannot find team members may submit on their own.
Yes, the more the merrier! There’s no limit to how many teams can enter for each school. Each school will receive a maximum of $500 total. If schools have multiple teams, the grant will be split among them.
All participating schools will receive $500 total toward helping participating teams develop their multi-media campaigns. This will be divided evenly amongst all participating teams. Teams will need to identify a faculty supervisor to work with them as mentors.
The winners will be announced via phone or email no later than December 30, 2020.
Each school’s submissions will be judged by the OC Human Relations Commission.
Judges will select winners based on originality, creativity, and whether each campaign submission tells a clear, cohesive message. Criteria for the various submissions are as follows:
  1. Written Message:
    • Originality, unique writing style (2 pt.)
    • Creativity, think outside the box (2 pt.)
    • Ideas and concepts, fresh point of view (3 pt.)
    • Why is this cause important, what makes your campaign stand out (3 pt.)
  2. Video Submission:
    • Is there a clear concise message, clarity in the thought process (3 pt.)
    • Visual and audio quality/appeal (2 pt.)
    • Level of motivation in and from the video (3 pt.)
    • Creativity, was the content original and unique (2 pt.)
  3. Photo submission:
    • Precision in idea, creativity in expression, inspirational power (3 pt.)
    • Whether the entry is in line with the theme/contest (1 pt.)
    • Quality of amusement (1 pt.)
    • Clarity in the thought process (3 pt.)
    • Distinctiveness in conceptualization (2 pt.)
  4. Art Submission:
    • Originality, artistry (1 pt.)
    • Adherence to the theme (3 pt.)
    • Aesthetic value, color scheme (1 pt.)
    • Art represents the campaign’s ideology (3 pt.)
    • Composition and design of the work (2 pt.)
Absolutely. The contest is free to enter and your school will receive $500 total toward helping participating teams develop their campaigns.
Good question! Please contact Britney Weller ( for questions or more information.

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